The Story

Meet our Founder & Designer

A note from Emma -

When I moved to the US from Australia, I was hit with culture shock like you wouldn’t believe. I went from being a working actor in Aus to waiting tables in California, and all of a sudden the jewelry I wanted to wear, felt out of reach. I hustled alongside women who - like me - wanted to feel beautiful, strong, and confident, but didn’t have the disposable income to fund a Cartier habit. I wanted to elevate us collectively, make us feel powerful - you know, that feeling only a killer pair of hoops bouncing against your jawline can lend. But, it needed to be premium. Every affordable brand on the market came with a caveat - cheap metals and broken posts. I knew that what I needed to create was a beautiful, stylish, modern jewelry brand, that was truly quality... and Éclatant was borne.

We thought of everything, so you don’t have to. Lightweight, chic and elegant, we’ll elevate your sweatsuits and amp up your suit suits. And I’ll be here to style you every step of the way.

Em xx